What is so special about Indian food? Which are the traditional cooking techniques?


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    Best Indian Restaurant Umina Beach

    In the cuisines present all over the world, Indian meals are best. It is because diversified flavours get so nicely blended in a particular dish that the one who eats it cannot spare himself from licking the fingers. Best Indian restaurant in Umina Beach is known for handpicking the ingredients to be used. This is the main reason that the recognized celebrities also visit there to enjoy the food made from the freshly grown and harvested innards. Not only this but there is an acclaimed Indian Food in Umina Beach that is appreciated for cooking the Indian dishes with the traditional methods.

    Do you know? 

    Indian food has something for everyone. Whether you are a vegetarian, eggetarian, non-vegetarian or a vegan, you can enjoy the various dishes as per your choice and taste. 

    So let’s get to know more about Indian cuisine: 

    The multicultural food 

    The food offered in Indian cuisine is multicultural. You will be surprised to know that the people belonging to the various regions enjoy the food of the other regions. 

    For example, The Punjabis are famous for attending their guests with tons of fried and tasty items like pakode, Parathe ( Aloo, Gobi and Mooli). Without the giant glass of the Lasso, the hospitality is not considered complete. But despite this fact, Punjabis like to acknowledge the south Indian and the Gujarati food like Idli Sambar and the dhokla respectively.

    The full appetizing platter

    The Indian food platter does not include the one food item only. Rather it is a full platter, which starts with the appetizers followed by the main course meals and then who can forget the awesome taste of the desserts. 

    The traditional cooking 

    Most of the dishes in Indian cuisine apart from the modern ones are traditional food items that can obtain the maxim flavour only if they are cooked with the traditional cooking approach. 

    Do you know?

    There are some food items in the Indian culture like Khichdi and rice which were earlier cooked in the earthen pot and were served on the banana leaves to get rich in the earthy flavours. 

    No doubt, even today, non-stick utensils have been introduced. But nothing can beat the taste of traditional cooking. Even today, many Indian restaurants satisfy the customers with the traditional approaches.

    The brilliant cooking style and techniques 

    Have you ever heard of the famous dum biryani? This kind of Biryani is made tasty by including the conventional approach of dum. The dum helps to make sure that the maximum flavours are getting blended. Are you interested to know what exactly dum is? 

    When the rice is cooked with the meat and other ingredients, then to make sure that each grain of the rice has the tremendous flavours of all the spics, the utensil is put on the stove at a low flame with a lid. The sides of the lid are then sealed with the kneaded wheat., which does not let the steam come out. 

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