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Tips To Replicate The Indian Kitchen Experience


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    Immerse Yourself Into The Aroma Of Spices

    The delicacies of Indian food are a hint of spice and inexplicable pleasure, especially the tandoori delights that can make you drool at the best Indian restaurant in Umina Beach. The mouth-watering tandoor dishes prepared in the traditional clay ovens can take your emotions on the highway to heaven as you dig into the marinated meats, vegetables, and bread cooked in a coal fire, which gives the best Indian food in Umina Beach an ordinary taste. Tandoori food is a must-try Indian culinary delight that brings life to Indian cuisine, and the best part is that you can bring this life to the food at your home with essential spices that every Indian kitchen needs and the tips to replicate the Indian kitchen experience. 

    Choose The Right Tools And Equipments

    Getting a traditional Indian clay oven might be difficult, but you can always go for the easy options that can give you the best tandoori experience at home, like an Indian restaurant in Umina Beach. You can either go for a good quality grill, preferably with a lid or purchase a countertop electric tandoor. These appliances are capable of providing a similar heating environment required to cook tandoori food like a clay tandoor, giving it a smoky flavour like the best Indian food in Umina Beach

    Master The Marinades

    A successful tandoori cooking isn’t successful without marination. Do not rush while marinating your ingredients, and devote significant time to the process. The ingredients sit for a while to allow them to soak in the spices. Use aromatic and flavourful Indian spices like cumin, coriander, garam masala and bend them with yoghurt to make a marinating good consistency marinating batter. 

    Try Different Proteins

    Tandoor is not just limited to chicken, so don’t hold yourself and try different proteins such as lamb, fish, shrimp or paneer to let your tongue experience a new texture and incredible flavours as each ingredient incorporates a unique taste that changes the taste of the food even if the process is the same. 

    Embrace Vegetables

    Along with spices, vegetables play a significant role in creating new textured flavours. For some, tandoori vegetables are more tempting than the main ingredient itself, as these vegetables brighten the taste of the food and add a delicious twist to it. Their blend with the proteins makes the tandoori dishes stand out from all others.

    Get The Right Temperature

    Hitting the right temperature is essential when you desire to cook an authentic Indian-style tandoori dish. If you have a grill, then preheat it at the highest temperature and close the lid to preserve the heat. In the case of an electric tandoor, follow the instructions provided in the manual and use it accordingly to cook food like an Indian restaurant in Umina Beach. The right heat temperature helps seal the juice inside the ingredients, giving it a charred texture. 

    Use The Right Cooking Surface

    The traditional way of cooking tandoor style food is to put the marinated dishes in the skewer and cook it in the clay oven. As for your home, it is not possible to get the exact tools and equipment you need; you can either use small metal skewers or pizza stones at the right place on your grill. 

    Nothing Can Replace The Naan

    Naan is the only way to have a fulfilling experience with the tandoori dishes. The chewy and soft texture of naan, along with smoked dishes, brings out a lovely taste that no other dish can match. It’s like a combination made in heaven. To taste the delicious naan, prepare the dough with yeast and yoghurt with a hint of baking soda. Coat with plain or garlic butter to enhance the exotic flavours. 
    These are some of the steps that you can follow to experience the best Indian food in Umina Beach and create your own Indian-style kitchen to have the exceptional taste and texture of Indian cuisine whenever you want.