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Side dishes of India that are very popular


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    Benefits of eating in Indian restaurants

    India is a diverse nation, and the special thing about India is its food. People of different nations prefer to eat Indian cuisine because of the taste. Indian food is not only famous for its delicious taste, but it is also famous for the properties present in the food. The demand for Indian food has increased the number of Indian restaurants. The Indian restaurants provide you with delicious food. The food of India is not only famous in India, but it is also famous in other nations. 

    Different types of side food in India

    Mango chutney: Mango chutney is made of mangoes, onions, ginger, garlic and a blend of some special spices. It is prepared in India. The sweet-tanginess of raw mangoes, combined with authentic Indian spices, creates a symphony of flavors that adds a unique dimension to your dining experience. Mango chutney pairs exceptionally well with curries, biryanis, grilled meats, seafood, sandwiches, wraps, samosas, or whatever you have on your plate. 

    Cucumber & Yoghurt Raita: Diced cucumber mixed into a blend of yogurt that is lightly seasoned creates a refreshing companion for every Indian meal. Indian cuisine is renowned for its rich and bold flavors, making the coolness of this raita a perfect fit after indulging in a bowl of hot, spicy curry.

    Masala Pappadam: This delicious dish is also known as Papads. It is thin and crunchy lentil-based wafers that have the power to tantalize the taste buds of every Indian food lover. Light and crispy, they resemble seasoned cracker-style bread topped with tomato and onion masala, making them a delightful accompaniment to any meal or beverage or even enjoyable on their own.

    Mixed Pickles: Pickles are preferred with dal and roti just to enhance the taste of the food. In different regions around the world, India supplies pickles of different fruits and vegetables.

    Vinegar onion: In India, people prefer to eat onion in a salad; when it is soaked in vinegar, it offers you a different journey of different tastes. For the preparation of it, we need onion, vinegar, chillies, cloves, peppercorns and beetroot to tempt your taste buds. 

    Benefits of eating Indian food. 

    Indian food has not only a delicious taste but also provides a lot of other benefits of eating Indian food. 

    • Indian food has all kinds of fresh vegetables: It is a fact about Indians that they love vegetables and spices in their food. Vegetables give us nutrition and minerals, which are highly present in Indian food.
    • Preparing method: The people of India believe in cooking properly and in the organic method. In many nations, food is cooked on a wooden fire, and it gives a different smoky taste to the food. 
    • Medicinal properties: It is proven in scientific research that the spices used in Indian food have medical properties. For instance, ginger has the power to fight cough, and chillies are beneficial for eyesight.
    • Presence of nutrition: Indian foods such as pulses are rich in vitamins and proteins, which help to improve vision and lower cholesterol. Rice and flour have carbohydrates, fiber and protein. These all are important for physical and mental growth. 
    • Best use of the milky product: Indians use it to make different products such as curd, ghee and cheese and curd buttermilk, which is the preferable drink in Punjab

    The demand for Indian Food in every nation increases the number of Indian restaurants in the other nations. In this modern era, you can enjoy the famous Indian cuisines in your nation at Indian restaurants. The Grand Pavilion (TGP) is one of the best restaurants in Umina Beach that provide you with the perfect Lunch.